Thursday, July 23, 2009


I never cease to be amazed by all my daughter takes in, all that is molding her precious heart, mind and soul.

We're using Children Desiring God curriculum some at bedtime for our Bible story. I've enjoyed the format and the focus and some of their scripture memory tools. They have a set of cards on a ring with pictures that prompt your child to remember scripture verses. We've been working on a couple, Genesis 1:1 and Matthew 6:24. At any rate, last night at bedtime, we were going over the story of creation. So, as we began the story, we reminded our little girl of the verse we'd been memorizing, Genesis 1:1. (Currently, all she knows of the verse is "wu-wu" (1:1).)

After we read the story and sang a song and thanked God for creating ALL THINGS Little One picked up the notebook we'd told the story out of and proceeded to tell her daddy and me the story of creation. It went something like this...

Wu-wu (Genesis 1:1)
No tees (trees)
No pu-pu (puppies)
No mu-mu (monkeys)
No bu (birds)
No mu (milk)

Yep, precious daughter of mine, there was nothing, absolutely nothing and then...GOD.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

All Out of Sorts...

So, it seems we've been an incomplete family for months. It's probably been a month in all reality but we are beginning to feel the effects...

My hubby was at a convention in the middle of June, we were all together for a week, then the kiddos and I headed to the TX Panhandle to stay with my nephews for another week and now, this week, Daddy's gone again.

Personally, I have eaten two entire boxes of Cocoa Puffs since Wednesday...the fault is my own, but I'd like to blame it on separation anxiety.

My daughter's favorite words have become one of the many derivatives of "me", me, my, myself, mine...most often in a louder than necessary voice, oh, that and "No!".

My son, who is the easiest baby to put to sleep I have EVER seen, has begun crying, and crying, and crying when I lay him down. And, at times, he simply cannot be consoled. FYI, for new mommies, don't try to calm a screaming, angry, baby by encouraging him to nurse. It can be detrimental to mama's health!

As for my husband, I don't know exactly how he's fairing, but I'm sure he misses us as much as we miss him.

Oh how we miss:

- hearing the garage door go up, so we can run through the house screaming, "Daddy, Daddy" and "Hubby, Hubby."

- trips to "owes" (Lowes), so a little girl and her daddy can spend time together and a mommy can get the floor mopped (or some blogs read).

- piggy-back rides, wrestling on the floor and hide and go seek with daddy.

- night-night with daddy, this praying over the phone is getting old.

- splashing in the tub...mommy's not nearly as patient with big splashes.

Come home soon, Daddy!!