Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Happier Mom...

I just read a blog post, "5 simple ways to be a happier mom today". I'd link to the post, but for whatever reason, cannot figure out how to do that this morning. Needless to say, she shared some sage advice, but as my morning seems to spiral farther downward, I'm having a hard time getting the 5 "simple" things done.

First, she suggests you just breathe...think the kids would notice if I went into my closet, well, maybe my husband's closet, as I can't get into mine, shut the door, and stayed in there for a few minutes, or 30, to breathe?

Next, she encourages you to say "I'm sorry." Yes, I have taken full advantage of that one this morning. I've apologized to each of my kids, to my daughter more than once. I almost feel as if I need to call and tell my hubby I'm sorry, just for good measure.

Third, reach out to somebody who lifts you up...Paula, are you almost done homeschooling your kids this morning. I need you!!!

Fourth, do something that relaxes you. She actually suggests taking a bath or walking around a bookstore or something. We only have one tub, and quite honestly, it was made for children or itty-bitty skinny people, of which, I am neither. AND, the way I am acting, I think a trip to the bookstore would result in tears, for all of us, and maybe a tantrum or two, and I have been trying to refrain from throwing tantrums in public. Why oh why doesn't Starbucks deliver?!

Last, and at this point, maybe the only plausible thing, reconnect with your kids. I guess I'll try it and go ahead and join them on the picnic they are having in the boys' room. I'm hoping it works, but, if perchance you can't get a hold of me, look for me in the closet...