Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tuesday Twelve

1) We all have stories of heartache and difficulty and brokenness. Every.single.one.of.us. It's so important to remember to extend grace to people and to share hope.

2) My middle boy just hit his older brother on the head with a stick. "But I didn't know I hit him on the head. He was a chameleon in the tree."

3) My youngest is a thumb sucker, actually all of the boys are, but the youngest, he recently started sucking his thumb with one finger in his nose at the same time. Every now and again he finds a booger in there and he's so good to bring it to me, "Here Mommy, a booger for you."

4) My husband is the hardest working man I know...

5) and the kindest...

6) I recently received news that two friends, from my life many years ago, are moving close. One, a girl I taught when I lived in Nicaragua, will be two hours away. God has been so faithful to allow us to maintain a friendship, even though it's been years and the distance between us has been great. I'm so excited to intentionally get to be part of her life in person now. AND, another, a friend who is in a similar life stage as me and who is such a kindred spirit, is moving to FORT WORTH. I am thrilled, so very thankful.

7) My beautiful brown-eyed son became a child of the King yesterday. It is THE one thing we desire more than any other thing for our children, their salvation. After disciplining him I asked him if he wanted to pray and he said, "I want to ask Jesus to come into my heart, all by myself," and he did. I am so glad I got to be there and that I get to walk with him as he grows in the grace and knowledge of Christ.

8) The baby hunted me down this morning, "The boys need a 'pank." I'm not sure what wrong had been committed against him, but he is not afraid to make sure everyone receives justice, at least his idea of justice.

9) So, in the wild world of essential oils I continue to be amazed. My oldest had a bloody nose yesterday. I rubbed some cypress oil on his forearms and it stopped bleeding; seriously, it just stopped.

10) The other day the sprinkler guy asked me if I ran a daycare. I informed him that all of them were actually mine...I'm always surprised when folks act like we have a large family.

11) We are reading a biography of Jim Elliot at night before bedtime. "He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to find what he cannot lose."

12) I am fond of the ellipsis...