Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day to Day

It seems like daily the munchkins are changing...Bubby had his first play date. It was such fun hanging with the boys!

He also began eating solids.  He was interested much earlier than his big sister and Mama held out as long as she could but he started being a bit demanding.  Avocado is his favorite...alright, it's all he gets to eat, but still, a big hit!

Sister moved to her big girl bed a while back and Bubby moved into the crib, thus, the cradle is empty...but very appealing.  Mama came around the corner the other day to find sister hanging out in Bubby's bed.  She couldn't resist putting Bubby in there too and getting a picture or two.

Recently Mama and Little One were talking about what being a friend is and Mama asked Sister her who her friends were.  "Bubby!" she said.  Of course...
Somedays, after a nap, we wake up looking like this.  And somedays, our attitude matches our hairdo!  (Mama's attitude that is, not Sister's!!)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tutu Envy

My girl LOVES her tutu.  Last time Zsa-Zsa was in town she delivered a tutu to her favorite blue-eyed granddaughter.  Man, what a hit, as seen in a previous post.  However, after reading MckMama's blog and eyeing her little girl's tutu, it seems a bit inadequate...

What's a mommy tutu do?!  I'm telling you, I'm going to be on the look out for an extravagant tutu too!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Are we related or what?!

September 2007

May 2009

What in the world?!

Something is eating my lettuce!  We were out taking a peek at the progress of our garden and this is what we found...
We seem to have an infestation of roly-polies, but I don't think they are responsible.  The sparrows, who have almost taken over the yard are probably not the culprits (wish they'd start feasting on the rolly-pollies).  So, that leaves the squirrels.  Do squirrels eat lettuce?!  Thank goodness they've left my tomatoes and peppers alone...and my swiss chard.  There would be a price to pay if the critters messed with my swiss chard!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

At times there is so much I want to write about I fail to write about a single with much of my life, I become easily overwhelmed.  So, rather than write a new post, I read other folks' blogs.  Additionally, rather than do laundry I sort and resort piles of clothes, onto the floor, back into the hamper, onto the floor, back into the hamper.  Rather than wash my dishes I run hot water into the sink AGAIN...I guess just to keep them soaking.  And so it goes...

How come is it so?!

At any rate, today, I'm going to try to do better, well, at least with the blogging. Who knows how the laundry and dishes will go!!

A few of our favorite things here recently...

Playing with Bubby

Bubba (the fish), our bee pajamas, sunglasses, and our tutu

AGAIN, our tutu, to be worn whenever possible, tea parties and bandaids

And so much more...books, books and more books, puzzles, playing with Bubby, water, bubbles, receiving mail or sending it, playing with Bubby, riding my tricycle, helping Daddy in the yard, sliding, raisins, playing with Bubby. Man, life is good.