Friday, March 6, 2009

Joshua James

Before becoming a mommy I was an aunt, for six years I was an aunt to the most incredible kids, Joshua, Caleb, Makayla, David and Kaitlyn. Seriously, the most incredible!!!

Joshua, my oldest nephew, and my daughter's absolute favorite boy ever, well besides her daddy and her brother, has been on my mind today.  He was the first "baby" to be born to our family.  Wow, how we loved we love him.  I remember when I heard he'd been born and he and his mama (my precious sister) were both doing great.  I just cried and cried.  I loved him so much I could hardly stand it, and I hadn't even met him.  

AND now...he's nine years old, yep, nine.  Unbelievable.  

I remember when Josh was two.  My sister and her family came to Mom and Dad's for Christmas.  We walked into church on Christmas Eve, he saw the manger at the front of the church and said, "Look, it's Baby Jesus."  Sure enough, Josh, baby Jesus.  Not long after that Josh wrote his first song...The Holy Ghost, the Holy Ghost is always with you, the Holy Ghost.
How he delights the heart of our Father.

I was not only the last in my family to have kids, I was also the last to get married.  As a single gal I was able to visit my family frequently and I was able to spend lots of time with my nieces and nephews.  We did all sorts of things together.  

When I'd stay with Josh and his family early each morning he'd come get in bed with me. We'd talk about a myriad of topics and sit and do our quiet times.  We built forts, played "I spy with my little eye", made french toast for breakfast...  

One day, when Josh was five or six, he and I went to the grocery store.  "Aunt Mo, are you one of those, ladies who wear the dresses and those things on their heads and work at the church?"  "A nun?"  "Yes.  Are you a nun?"  "No Josh, I'm not a nun.  Why?"  "Well, you're not married and you serve God with your whole life..."  Yes, of course, it makes perfect sense.

Last time I was out to visit Josh reminded me of our times together..."Aunt Mo, remember when you used to be alone and you'd stay with us when you came?"  Ah, yes, I vaguely remember when I was alone.  It seems like it's been a hundred years ago, but Josh, I do remember.  I remember sweet, sweet times with you.  What a blessed aunt I am.

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