Friday, April 30, 2010

Our Little Girl's First Date and Her First Program...

We recently celebrated a third birthday and the birthday girl, upon turning three, began having dates with Daddy. She was supposed to begin going to bed by herself AND having dates with Daddy. The date was a success, the going to bed by herself, well, we're still working on that!!

Here she is, all dressed up for her first date. Daddy let her choose where they were going to go and she chose breakfast at I-Hop.

For her next date she has selected Barnes and Noble. She is hoping to get a box of milk at Starbucks and score a Winnie the Pooh book at the bookstore. I bet Daddy comes through on both. I've been trying to convince her that really, Mommy is the Starbucks gal, as Daddy doesn't even like coffee, but dates are reserved for Daddy alone!

Last night was her first program...adorable!!! She didn't sing a word, but was, of course, the cutest girl in the place! She intently scanned the audience for her daddy when she got up on the risers and upon spotting him, pointed excitedly, saying, "Uh oh, uh oh, I see a handsome bald man!" As I said, she did not sing a lick, but three different times she pointed out "her handsome bald man." She is such fun!!

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