Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday Twelve

I'm going to take the lead from a friend of mine from high school. She does a Tuesday Twelve post MOST Tuesdays and I enjoy them so. (Thanks, Chandra!) I figured this may encourage me to become more regular in the posting department.

1) My youngest giggles in his sleep...it brings his daddy and me such joy to watch him. Did my other two giggle in their sleep and I've just forgotten?!

2) I'm considering trying to implement some Fly Lady around this place again. I'm desperate!!! I did "bless" my floors yesterday, but still feel like my house has gotten the best of me.

3) Our Thanksgiving tree was such a blessing! I hated to say good-bye to it. I'm looking forward to the Christmas prayer/service chain we'll begin tomorrow. I know it will be such fun!

4) My middle son stayed in his class Sunday at church. When I left him he was bawling. I think he did fine, but when I went to pick him up he said, "Mommy, I was calling you." Breaks a mama's heart...

5) Children are sponges; my oldest had a memory verse she learned Sunday in Sunday School. I was quoting it today, hoping to help her remember it, and she corrected me. Me..."Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works..." Her..."No Mommy, it's that they may see your good DEEDS..." Of course, she was right.

6) My husband has only one more class and one final exam and then he will be finished with school until January. Hallelujah!!

7) My oldest is training her brother well. His future wife will be forever grateful. "Look at my toenail polish, Bubby. Isn't it pretty?" To which he dutifully responded, "Wow!!"

8) Note to self: Do not go to Hobby Lobby to make a return with three children three and under during Christmas season...

9) My hubby and I are reading a family advent book together in the evenings, such a joy. It is our prayer that our hearts and our home would be prepared to worship the Christ Child this beautiful season.

10) Seriously, how in the world does my friend come up with twelve?!

11) I've cleared the mantle in order to decorate for Christmas...mind you, I cleared my Christmas decorations from the mantle in July. No, I am not kidding!! At this point I'm thinking to myself, why in the world did I even take them down?!

12) I've been bound and determined to make a little money doing something crafty. I give up! I'm just going to do crafty things for family and friends and let my husband do the money making thing. I'm off to put matching Pooh appliques on shirts for my three kiddos. Hopefully I'll be able to post a picture soon!

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  1. Yay! So glad to see you posting! I've been thinking about some fly lady too, it's amazing how quickly little ones can destroy a house. I try to be thankful that they love to play with each other their toys, but the mess gets the best of me at times. Also, you are brave. Hobby Lobby, with a return in tow, is a mommy only trip in my book.