Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Growing up so fast...

This is the day my daughter gets her first haircut.

Honestly, she doesn't have much hair, but it has been growing in in such a funky way, I wanted to get some "shape" cut into it. Yes, I probably could have done it myself, but I was afraid. So, we went to the salon.

Here she is prior to the big cute!   

Everything started out great. We talked about it all morning and on the way to the salon. She was excited, kept touching her hair, us girls, we always like a new hairdo you know. At any rate, we got to the salon and she picked a toy to hold and sat in the chair like such a big girl.

She was taking absolutely everything in...she loved all of the visiting and all of the activity going on around her. However, the minute Mrs. Crystal, her hairdresser, put that cute car cape around her neck she was done in. She wanted nothing to do with the entire process. Eventually, she just sat in my lap and all was well. Afterwards she gave Mrs. Crystal a hug and off we went to show daddy.

Isn't she precious?  AND yes, there is a person, there is definitely a difference!

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  1. ok I didn't mean to comment on all of you blogs, but here I am doing it. :) Ansley's hair was doing the same thing. She had a lovely rat's tail at the back of her head. So I gave her her 2nd hair cut yesterday.