Saturday, June 13, 2009


This little girl is growing up so quickly.  She's talking like crazy, and while her daddy and I are the only folks who understand her, she's learning new words, phrases, concepts, ALL of the time.  She's such fun.  One of her latest words is work..."Daddy's at work."  "This doesn't work." "Mommy, you work this puzzle with me."  Really, she says all of that, only instead of puzzle she says "bu"...bu can mean many, many things, banana, bread, puzzle, book, etc.  You totally have to pay attention to the context.  Or best, that's a new word too...and neat.  It's fun to hear her try them out in all sorts of different situations.

Seriously, Bubby is this happy.  He wakes up this happy...smiling, laughing and moving ALL of the time.  Unless I'm not feeding him fast enough.  If he thinks everyone else is getting to eat and he's not been put into his highchair and bibbed up, there is heck to pay.  Or, if it's nap time and he hasn't been put into his crib with a blankie, let's just say, he can have a temper.  (You do see that red hair don't you.  Need I say more?!)

PaPa and Zsa-Zsa stopped by on their way home from S.C.  They were only able to stay one night but we had such fun seeing them.  We all got up to head to breakfast at IHop before they got on the road but, after getting dressed and her face washed my daughter said, "Bye-bye, Mommy."  I told her, "Bubby and Mommy are going with you."  "No," she said, "Me, PaPa, Zsa-Zsa go out neat (eat)."  I asked, "You don't want Mommy and Baby to go with you to breakfast?"No, Me, PaPa, Zsa-Zsa go out neat."  I was fun for her to spend sometime alone with PaPa and Zsa-Zsa, it was time for Bubby's nap and I got to mop the floor in peace and quiet.  But seriously, she didn't want me to go.  I'm not entirely sure how I feel about that!!!

Oh how I love being mommy to these kids!!

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