Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day to Day

It seems like daily the munchkins are changing...Bubby had his first play date. It was such fun hanging with the boys!

He also began eating solids.  He was interested much earlier than his big sister and Mama held out as long as she could but he started being a bit demanding.  Avocado is his favorite...alright, it's all he gets to eat, but still, a big hit!

Sister moved to her big girl bed a while back and Bubby moved into the crib, thus, the cradle is empty...but very appealing.  Mama came around the corner the other day to find sister hanging out in Bubby's bed.  She couldn't resist putting Bubby in there too and getting a picture or two.

Recently Mama and Little One were talking about what being a friend is and Mama asked Sister her who her friends were.  "Bubby!" she said.  Of course...
Somedays, after a nap, we wake up looking like this.  And somedays, our attitude matches our hairdo!  (Mama's attitude that is, not Sister's!!)

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  1. Monica! I didn't realize you had a blog, I'm thrilled to discover it! Looking forward to reading about your adventures and seeing more pictures of some of the cutest kids around!

    BTW, I'm still working on my pay it forward gifts. Thank goodness I gave myself a year to get them done. ;)