Monday, July 11, 2011

Tuesday Twelve

1) It's hot here this, hot, hot. AND, our pool has sprung a leak. What a bummer!

2) I've made my own toothpaste, am using rubbing alcohol instead of deodorant, vinegar instead of rinse in the washer, and am loving my clothesline, well, sometimes loving my clothesline. I also have plans to make my own laundry detergent and hope to wash my hair and the kids' with baking soda and rinsing with vinegar. Who knew I was such a granola?! I may begin wearing patchouli oil too. (Just teasing, Babe!)

3) My girl starts swim lessons in a couple of is time, but I'm a little bit anxious. Thank goodness she doesn't know enough to be anxious yet. She's just excited and intent on "teaching Bubby how to swim" once she learns.

4) A friend asked my boy what his favorite thing to play with was. His reply, "My dad."

5) Speaking of playing with Dad, the two of them worked to put in a patio of sorts for our grill. They worked so hard, the littlest man lugging around a sledge hammer and giving his daddy water, the biggest man, carefully lining up pavers in the incredibly hot Texas sun. They are the two hardest working guys I have ever seen. It looks amazing!!

6) We're trying to simplify our lives, getting rid of things we haven't used since moving here, three years ago. So far, I've gone through several kitchen cabinets. I need some motivation to carry on...I certainly don't want to look in the entryway in six months and see those same three boxes full of kitchen stuff.

7) My littlest has begun pushing a small child's chair around the house...forget the toy that is supposed to serve as a walker, he wants the chair. He's going to be one in less than a month. Seriously, how did that happen?!

8) Going to the grocery store takes the entire morning and every bit of my energy...and my kiddos are usually really good. By the time I get the kids loaded in the car, to the grocery store, buy the goods, get them to the car and unloaded, kids buckled in their carseats, home, groceries to the house, kiddos out of their carseats, groceries put away...I'm tired even thinking about it!

9) Started a book club. We're reading a book called, "One Thousand Gifts" by Ann Voskamp. It is life-changing.

10) My girl's heart is being softened to sin and the sorrow it brings to the Father and to us, His children. The other day she said, "It makes me so sad Jesus had to die on the cross for our sins." Me too, little one, me too...

11) Homesick for the cool mornings/evenings of Colorado, my sweet grandma, and my best friend...wish it wasn't so far and my kiddos weren't so little.

12) I still want chickens...


  1. You have a way with words, cousin! I miss you!

  2. Thanks for a glimpse into your life! Love hearing about your family.

  3. Okay...does rubbing alcohol really work and doesn't baking soda strip your hair of all the good oils?
    I hear you on the grocery store trip. What a chore! Next time you go, throw those three boxes in your entry way in the back and drop
    them off at the Good Will. :) LOL!
    Monica, as always, I love love love hearing about your family and life. Makes me smile everytime. Plan a visit to Colorado soon. I would love to see you and your family. We now have an office in Dallas so maybe I can use the excuse I need to see it and come your way. ;)Pam P.