Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday Twelve

1) Well, my middle boy has pottied in many a public restroom. I hate to admit it, but I stand him on the seat and just let him take aim. However, we've never gone, ahem, number two. Today, we attempted to, and shall we say, the floor, my son, and his very inept mommy, were all a little more damp when we left than when we arrived. Lovely...

2) My youngest son is the fastest "inch-wormer" I do believe I have ever seen. Heaven help us when he finally figures out how to crawl!

3) My husband has a paper due on Thursday, two finals, and then, for one short week, he will be completely ours. After that, summer classes begin...we are looking forward to December.

4) There are buds on my daisies. We cannot wait until they begin blooming.

5) We filled Easter eggs with candy and stickers for our church's Easter egg hunt last week. I told the kids the church was inviting kids from the community who had not heard about Jesus and how much He loves them. We prayed for the children who would be coming while we stuffed our eggs. Then, Saturday morning, we gathered up our baskets and got ready to go to the church. My daughter asked me why we were bringing our baskets. I told her they were to hunt Easter eggs. She said, ever so sweetly, "But Mama, those eggs are for the children who have never heard about Jesus." How I love her...

6) I have reenacted, told, or sung the story of David and Goliath at least 2,000 times. I.am.not.kidding. We even tell the story while sitting on the potty and my son, who is always Goliath, leans back as far as he can on the seat, dead.

7) I am struggling with consistency in my parenting. 'Nuff said...

8) My husband gave me the most gorgeous pot of blue hydrangea for Easter. I love hydrangea. I'm tempted to plant them in a bigger pot, rather than in the ground, so, if graduation takes us away from Fort Worth, I can take my hydrangea with me.

9) Speaking of moving...I long to live in the city. I can think of all sorts of cities I'd love to move to one day. I am a city girl. However, I would like a garden, the kind of garden that will produce enough to really feed our family, fruits and veggies we can can, freeze, dry, etc., some chickens, fresh eggs you know, a couple of cows, and some goats, cows, to eventually eat, goats, because really, who doesn't want goats? Oh, and a bunny, because my middle son loves, loves, loves his aunt's bunny. Think I kind find a space in the city that will sustain all of that?!

10) I've found a Mexican restaurant that serves a dish called chilequiles for breakfast. It's chicken and corn tortillas in a yummy tomatilla sauce. It's delicious...I wonder if I can make it at home. I could eat Mexican food every single meal. If I had my dream garden I could at least make and can salsa.

11) We had the biggest hail I have ever seen last week. There were several pieces that were bigger than golf balls. It was a bit unnerving.

12) My middle boy just told me he was doing the potty dance, suppose I'd best go. Hope we both stay dry!!!

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  1. I'm definitely sensing God's calling y'all to Houston! P.S. I just added you to my blog list! :)