Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tuesday Twelve

1) It's a rainy day...it seems to match my mood.

2) My littlest is well on his way to being two. There are days I think there is no way our family is complete...

3) I am excited that the holidays are upon us. I love this time of year.

4) My hubby came home and made meatballs for supper. He's a good man.

5) My sister just reminded me I am living my dream. I don't always feel like it, but she's right.

6) In my next home I hope to have a big tub, preferably in the master bathroom.

7) I think Daylight Savings should be done away with...

8) I'm going to plant lots of bulbs this fall. I am looking forward to tulips, gladiolus, hyacinth and daffodils.

9) I may start water aerobics this week, may...

10) I'd still like to have some chickens, and some goats.

11) I performed a scene from "Greater Tuna" for my high school speech team, such a fun play. This weekend my husband I are going to "Tuna Christmas". I can't wait.

12) If we had a motor home I'd travel the country and write home school curriculum about the places we visited.

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