Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Well, my hubby has a blog. AND, not only does he have a blog, but he has a really great blog, AND he posts in it on a fairly regular basis. I'll be honest, I feel a need to keep up with him. So, here goes...

1) My kiddos wrote an awesome haiku in school today. We have been reading a book about salamanders, "The Salamander Room" by Anne Mazer. It is such a fun book and my kids really enjoy it and today, well, they wrote a haiku about salamanders. They are a delight.

2) It is almost time to begin potty training Baby. We even bought some training pants and a little bitty seat to put on the toilet for him. Every time I mention it though he says, "No, I wear a diaper." He's adorable.

3) I've ventured into the world of essential oils. I have loved the idea of them for such a long time and once I finally tried them out I realized they truly are fabulous. I have had great success using them so far. One thing I've really loved is putting onGUARD on my kiddos feet as well as diffusing it. I feel like it has really kept the cold bug and the flu at bay this winter.

4) We got a new van.

5) We are getting family photos taken next week. We've never had family photos taken, ever. We are going to Abilene to have them taken by a gal whose work I've seen and really, really admired. I know she will do an incredible job, Mia Coelho. I am excited.

6) Sis is going to be 8.

7) Did I mention we got a new van?

8) I just turned 43 and I'm wondering how I missed celebrating 40. Seriously, where does the time go?? My middle sister will be 40 next year. (Don't be sad, Jules, it's not bad.) I'm hoping we do something really exciting.

9) If anyone has read my blog before, I still want chickens and goats...

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  1. I am so happy to see you writing again! I love to hear what is going on!