Thursday, May 14, 2009

What in the world?!

Something is eating my lettuce!  We were out taking a peek at the progress of our garden and this is what we found...
We seem to have an infestation of roly-polies, but I don't think they are responsible.  The sparrows, who have almost taken over the yard are probably not the culprits (wish they'd start feasting on the rolly-pollies).  So, that leaves the squirrels.  Do squirrels eat lettuce?!  Thank goodness they've left my tomatoes and peppers alone...and my swiss chard.  There would be a price to pay if the critters messed with my swiss chard!!

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  1. Monica yes, squirrels do eat lettuce but that is not the problem with your lettuce. I know this because a squirrel would not be selective and eat up one side of the leaf midrib and then down the other. A squirrel would eat the entire leaf. Lettuce has several pests...aphids (i don't see any here) armyworm and cabbage worm...possible so look around and under leaves. If you find the worms then you can just pick them off and discard or use NEEM OIL, approved for organic use since it is derived from the neem plant. Hope that helps.

    For me the heat is now getting to my lettuce so I am harvesting as fast as I can and giving it away by the bag full , plus keeping plenty for me since I am the only one here that will eat it. I think just growing it and seeing Mom's sheer joy of watering and tending them is the best part closely followed by giving away to others. Hey Mesculun is expensive so it is like green gold! And yes I have enjoyed saving money and eating what I grow. Hmmmm tomatoes or peppers next?Or both for guacamole!!