Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tuesday Twelve, on Wednesday

1) My middle son has started taking naps in his "car" bed, a twin bed with car sheets. He's totally ready for it...I am not.

2) We have little ones in bed with us every night, and I like it that way...I feel guilty about loving toasty, soft, squirmy little bodies pressed up next to me, sharing my pillow and my space, like I'm much too submissive as a mommy. Is there something wrong with me?!

3) I cooked with kale last week, love, love, loved it...this week, I branched out and tried beets. Um, delicious, and oh so pretty. I missed the opportunity to use the greens as well, but plan to next time. Wish I had space for a garden!

4) I haven't gotten to work on my mantle yet, but did make two scarves from jersey knit, matching scarves for a sweet friend of mine and her daughter. They're adorable, if I do say so myself.

5) My littlest has been sick for weeks, finally took him to the doctor and he has severe bronchitis, an ear infection, and a wheeze. Bless his heart, what kind of mommy does he have? He is the best baby, in the midst of spraying saline up his sweet nose, suctioning out buggies, giving him medicine, pounding on his back and lathering him with Vicks, he always has a smile. Wish his mommy was as good natured...

6), my house looks as though a tornado has struck.!

7) I think my littlest is hungry. He was just trying to suck on my chin. He's almost ready to begin trying solid food. He watches every move we make while we're eating. I dread the thought! Do they all have to keep growing up so fast?!

8) I want to begin reading books without pictures again, having adult conversations, using words with more than 2 syllables. My pediatrician quoted Plato and I thought to myself, "Plato, I think I've heard of Plato, but what in the world is this guy talking about?" He had to explain the quote to me, and while it sounded good, I'm still not sure I completely understood it. Will my mommy brain ever function properly again?!

9) My phone line/data line went out for a day and a was a blessed inconvenience.

10) Thinking about the people of Haiti today. Is God pleased with our response to the people of that tiny country? Not the people of the U.S., but the people in my immediate family. Have we prayed faithfully, given sacrificially, served selflessly? What has our role been? What is it to be?

11) Every time I hear stories of adoption I want to adopt. Every.single.time.

12) I want to do something new before I turn 40. I have just over a year. Compete in a sprint triathlon? Go to New York? Dye my hair blond? Get a tatoo?? Nah, just kidding about that last one!

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  1. Thank you for the sweet post on my blog. I am never sure if I should comment on my blog or on the commenter's blog! I came to your blog to see who you were and read this post. I wanted to encourage you about number 2. In our culture, especially the Christian culture in America, it seems taboo to allow your kids to sleep with you. After living other places in the world besides the south of USA, having children who love being close to mommy and daddy and a husband who feels the same way, I have stopped thinking there is something wrong with that. Both of our kids sleep with us! We LOVE it - me and my husband - and our children are so happy. For a long time, I felt guilty about it too. My husband was a huge help in removing the guilt. We talked a lot about why on earth our children shouldn't sleep with us. And the more I've talked to people who have allowed their children to sleep with them, the more I realize that it's only natural they should want to be close to their parents as babies and young children, they will move to their own beds when they are ready, they won't be in my bed forever, and they will be independent.