Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday Twelve

1) A couple of weeks ago I got online and looked up 'women's Bible study + childcare + Fort Worth'. I found a church just down the road that has a Bible study Tuesday mornings, with childcare. It began last week, but I had sick kiddos. This morning we were slow getting around, and even though I was a week behind and we were half an hour late, I loaded up the kids and took them. I'm so glad I did...

2) For the last few weeks when I have gotten my middle son out of bed he has told me his big toes hurt. I've looked at them, kissed them, clipped his toenails. Finally I realized he's outgrown his pajamas, the footies are too small. What kind of mommy am I?!

3) I made homemade chicken noodle soup for the first time this weekend, yep, the first time. My husband asked me if the recipe really was supposed to take all day to make. I don't know if it was me or the recipe! Regardless, it was good...

4) My daughter has a pair of shoes that don't quite fit. She keeps telling me, "These make my hips hurt, Momma." (Ha! That would be her heals!!)

5) We bought the kids some toy cleaning items, a broom & dust pan, mop & bucket and a dust mop. My daughter told me I no longer have to clean. She and her brother will clean and I can take a nap. If only it was so!!

6) I found some new bread at Wal-Mart, Sara Lee 45 Calories and Delightful. Seriously, that's the name! It.is.delightful. I'm sad though; I mistakenly thought it was whole wheat. It is not.

7) My daughter just started fastening herself into her car seat...thank you, Jesus!! I still have to help her unfasten it, but she's doing great getting herself fastened. How did she get so big?!

8) I backed into my husband's truck. He was parked behind me, me in the garage, him directly outside the garage. Seriously, how does a person miss a super-size, maroon, Toyota Tundra?! Ugh...

9) Naptime ritual with my middle son...he tells me, "I not get out of bed." I ask, "What are you going to do when you wake up?" He says, "I call you guys." At night, similar exchange...he says, "I cry for you." I tell him, "Don't cry for me." And he asks, "You come get me?" I tell him, "Absolutely, I'll come get you." How I love him...

10) After reading our Bible tonight I put my middle child into his crib and came back to my daughter's room to tuck her into her bed. She, her dad and the baby were all waiting. We played with the baby for a few minutes, resulting in much laughter. I eventually sent the baby with his dad for a bath, sang a song to my daughter and as I left her room heard my middle son calling me. He was still awake and so sad. He'd heard us all 'yucking it up' and asked, "I come with you guys?" I felt so bad. I took him to talk with baby as he prepared for his bath, tried to recreate some of the frivolity, but to no avail. Poor little guy.

11) I'm going to the Fort Worth Home and Garden show this weekend...hope I come home with some ideas!

12) A lawn crew stopped at our place today to see if they could rake the leaves in our front yard. We have an oak tree whose branches are bigger than our house, not kidding...GORGEOUS!! But, it does drop a lot of leaves. A.lot.of.leaves. Guess the kids and I'll try to get out tomorrow and rake some of them.

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