Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday Twelve

1) I just turned on a television show about Detroit, brought back some fun memories. My husband and I visited Detroit our first year of marriage. Believe it or not, several of the best museums I've ever been to were either in Detroit or right outside the city. Additionally, Detroit has a great tram that circles downtown. We loved the "tour", circled around several times. That same year Charles went to Connecticut and initially I complained about missing out on Connect - I - cut and going to Detroit instead. You know what, I'm glad I got to go to Motor City.

2) My middle son is the hardest working thing I ever have seen. He reminds me so much of his daddy...if I get the vacuum cleaner out he runs to get his as well. Together, we vacuum. He is meticulous, moves the furniture he can move, vacuums behind doors. I'm telling you, he's going to make his future wife a happy woman!

3) My mantel is bare. I'm planning to use some fabulous fabric I bought last year, some pitchers I will paint white and some cool stick thingies I have to decorate it with. My friend got a Compound Miter Saw and air compressor for Christmas she's planning to use to decorate at her place. She's much more ambitious than I am. I don't even know what a Compound Miter Saw is. I am planning to use my husband's staple gun. That's pretty wild and crazy for me. I'm going to staple that fabulous fabric I got to a frame, wha-la, instant art. Maybe I'll post a picture when I'm done.

4) Dad goes in Thursday for the results from his biopsy. We're ready to know what is next...

5) We're battling food issues at our place. I've always been a bit prideful about how well my kiddos eat, serves me right. I am determined to stand firm; trouble is, so are they.

6) I tried to make a pot of pinto beans today, pinto beans from the pinto bean capitol of the world, Dove Creek, CO. They are mushy and flavorless. I'm pretty sure it's the cook, not the beans, and I am sad. Guess I'll try again. Maybe I'll add bacon next time. As a culinary side note, I did make some pretty tasty soup tonight using chicken sausage and kale. Who knew kale had such incredible flavor?!

7) I want to open my home more this year, to my sweet neighbors, to other mommies, to some young couples we know from my husband's job. We bought our house because it was perfect for entertaining. This is the year...

8) Every time I see the new Weight Watchers commercial I tell myself I absolutely have to get serious about losing some weight. I weigh 45 lbs more than I did 10 years ago...wish I looked like Jennifer Hudson.

9) We drove around and looked at Christmas lights over the holidays. After seeing home after home with no nativity, no evidence of the Babe in a manger, my daughter said, "I guess all these people don't know Christmas is Jesus' birthday." Pretty profound, if you ask me.

10) My sister passed on a book on potty training, her youngest is 6. It's a bit more descriptive than I'd probably have chosen, but my middle son has asked to have it read to him twice in the last two days. I think he's probably ready to begin the potty training adventure whenever I am. Wonder when I'll be ready.

11) It feels like it should be Thursday...

12) I miss my best friend. It's been way too long since I've seen her. She's not met either one of my sons. Yep, way, way too long.

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  1. #3 sounds great, a project is a project. Staple gun, paint, fabric you purchased awhile ago....sounds like the making of a beautiful mantle.

    #4 Hope it was good news today. You've all been in my prayers.

    #5 Glad to know it isn't just our house. Deceptively Delicious might be pulled off the shelf and used a lot more over the next few months.

    #6 That soup sounds delicious and I'm ashamed to admit I've never cooked with Kale. Go girl!

    #7 Right there with you. Now if I can just keep it more clean! I could vacuum, dust, mop and scrub bathrooms every morning and by that night my house would still be messy. We're working on more chores for the kiddos over the next few months.

    #8 Right there with you again. 20 lbs more now than before Makenna...sigh.

    I'm enjoying your posts, can you tell?!