Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday Twelve

1) I have determined not to use my computer while the kiddos are awake...I've been using a dry erase board to jot down things I want to look up and saving the list for naptime or bedtime. It's been a good thing, but I'm cheating right now. Hope I'm quicker than usual!

2) In the past week we have become a family where my oldest can buckle herself into her carseat, all.by.herself. What a tremendous amount of freedom that brings. I also realized we are now a family of one diapered kiddo, one sippy cup kiddo, and three kiddos who can feed themselves cheerios. It's a new day at our place!

3) Bubby just asked his sister for some help and she responded, "Just a second, Bubby. I'm strugglin' here. I'm just strugglin'." Wonder where she's heard that phrase?! Actually, I can hear myself now, "Hold on a second, Sweetheart. Mommy's struggling here."

4) My boys are already the best of friends. And, I think they're going to be trouble!

5) We made an Easter Garden, to reflect on, and celebrate this season where we remember Christ's death on the cross and His resurrection.

I think it's going to be such a meaningful tradition for our family.

6) Somehow I deleted my pictures at least a half dozen times and had to upload them all over again (and again, and again). Why is it so difficult?!

7) How we have loved watching new life in our garden...cucumbers and green beans coming up from seeds, flowers on a watermelon vine, with the promise of watermelons this fall, green tomatoes, and strawberries that have grown and ripened and been eaten. As a matter of fact, I think we have a few out there right now that need to be picked by chubby little toddler hands and eaten, straight off the vine. The Giver of Life has blessed us so richly and we are reminded daily.

8) I put my youngest in his first pair of cloth diapers. There is something about the bulk of a cloth diapered bottom. He is a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.

9) My sweet husband got me a new pair of clippers for the yard and a new attachment for my hose that mists, showers, sprays, etc. What joy they bring me! He knows me so well. Oh, the little things.

10) I have not become a finisher since my last post nor am I ripped. I'm not discouraged though...today is a new day!

11) My husband and I love music, but you'd be hard-pressed saying either of us is musical. I've been pondering what we can and should do in order to instill not simply a love of music in our kids, but maybe some skills, even at an early age...

12) My kiddos are jumping up and down singing Jesus is alive...maybe I'll take a moment and join them!!

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